Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan

To be a premier Institute of Excellence for training and research on disaster risk mitigation and management in India and to be recognized as one of the leading Institution at the international levels.
To strive relentlessly towards making a disaster free India by developing and promoting a culture of prevention and preparedness at all levels.

To works as a think tank for the Government by providing assistance in policy formulation.
To facilitate in reducing the impact of disasters through

  • Planning and promoting training and capacity building services including strategic learning.
  • Research, documentation and development of national level information base.
  • System development and expertise promotion for effective disaster preparedness and mitigation.
  • Promoting awareness and enhancing knowledge and skills of all stakeholders.
  • Strengthening institutional mechanisms for training and capacity building of all stakeholders.
  • Networking and facilitating exchange of information, experience and expertise.


Under the Disaster Management Act 2005, the Institute inter alia, has been entrusted with the following functions:

  • Develop training modules, undertake research and documentation in disaster management and organize training program.
  • Formulate and implement a comprehensive human resource development plan covering all aspects of disaster management.
  • Provide assistance in national level policy formulation.
  • Provide required assistance to the training and research programs for various stakeholder.
  • Strengthening institutional mechanisms for training and capacity building of all stakeholders.
  • Provide assistance to the State Government and State training institute in the formulation of State level policies, strategies, disaster management framework and any other assistance as may be required for capacity-building.
  • Develop Educational materials for disaster management including academic and professional courses.
  • Promote awareness among stakeholders including collage or school teachers and students, technical personnel and other associated with multi-hazard mitigation, preparedness and response measures.
  • Undertake, organize and facilitate study courses, conferences, lecturers, seminars within and outside the country to promote the aforesaid objects.
  • Undertake and provided supports for publication of journals, research papers and books and establish and maintains, libraries etc.

Strategic Plan

To build a national hub to share and learn and to create a critical mass of institutions, trainers and trained professionals.

  • To undertake quality research covering both natural and human induced disasters, with a multi-hazard approach
  • To work as a National Resource Center for the central and state governments in the country through effective knowledge management and sharing of best practices
  • To professionalise disaster risk reduction and emergency management in India and other neighboring countries by developing an independent cadre of professionally trained emergency and mitigation managers.
  • To promote formal training and education for disaster management in India and in the region
  • To build working partnerships with the Government, universities, NGOs, corporate bodies and other national and international Institutes of eminence.
  • To link learning and action by building a synergy between institutions and professionals in the sector