About Us

Dr. Meeta Singh (CMD IIDM )

IIDM is the initiative where any person who are interested in disaster management anybody can go through on the website, and go through the experiences of learning disaster risk reduction. The uniqueness of this is that you are getting exposed with different contents, very easy learning process and also you are knowing about your gradual process in the programme…¬†read more

About IIDM

The International Institute of Disaster Management (IIDM) is a premier national and international organization working for human resource development at national and international level in the area of disaster mitigation and management. IIDM is gearing up with the international and national, state and district level administration to tackle natural calamities and also coordinating research project, training program and build a database on natural disasters. International Institute of disaster management (IIDM) is supporting the advancement of safer communities and sustainable development, through implementing programs and project that reduce the impact of disaster. IIDM is a leading institute, under a non-profit organization located at Lucknow (India), mandated to promote safer communities and sustainable development. IIDM develops and enhances sustainable institutional disaster risk management capacities and supporting the implementation of government policies, facilitating the dissemination and exchange of disaster risk management expertise, experience and information by advocacy, capacity building and formulating policies.

Scope Of Work

  • To undertake quality research covering both natural and human induced disasters, with a multi-hazard approach.
  • To work as a National Resource Center for the central and state governments in the country through effective knowledge management and sharing of best practices.
  • To professionalize disaster risk reduction and emergency management in India and other neighboring countries by developing an independent cadre of professionally trained emergency and mitigation managers.
  • To promote formal training and education for disaster management in India and in the region.
  • To build working partnerships with the Government, universities, NGOs, corporate bodies and other national and international Institutes of eminence.
  • To link learning and action by building a synergy between institutions and professionals in the sector.


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We also serve in making of

  • Disaster management plan including survey, Study and Research.
  • Disaster Management and its medication, implementation of the plan by advice, control and by providing trained manpower.
  • Imparting training to corporate employees with concurrence of our client(s).