Organizational Overview

Organizational Overview

IIDM involves all levels of government. Nongovernmental and community based organizations play a vital role in the process. Modern disaster management goes beyond post-disaster assistance. It now includes pre-disaster planning and preparedness activities, organizational planning, training, information management, public relations and many other fields. Crisis management is important, but is only a part of the responsibility of a disaster manager. The newer paradigm is the Total Risk Management (TRM) which takes a holistic approach to risk reduction.

Executive Council

  • Sri Sudhir Halwasia, Chairman
  • Princy Singh, Coordinator, IIDM
  • Justice Khem Karan, Allahabad High Court
  • Krishna Gopal, Lucknow
  • Renu Yadav, Australia
  • Sri Ramdev Sharma, Lucknow
  • Kranti Bhatt, Dehradoon
  • Sri Ashok Choudhary, Lucknow
  • Sri Sumit Agrawal, Lucknow
  • Sri Amit Agrawal, Lucknow
  • Vidhu Sheker Singh, London
  • K.S. Rana, Agra University, Agra
  • Ramesh Mishra, Lucknow
  • Prof. Arun Kumar Yadav, NEH University, Shillong

Advisory Board of IIDM

  • Justice Ashok Chaudhary, Ex. Judge High Court
  • Aditi Umrao, Consultant UPSDMA
  • Alok Dhawan, Director, IITR Lucknow
  • C.P.M. Tripathi, Gorakhpur University
  • D.K. Singh, Gorakhpur University
  • Arun Kumar Yadav, NEHU, Shillong
  • Madhu Tripathi, Lucknow University
  • Omkar, Lucknow University
  • M. Serajuddin, Lucknow University
  • B. Sharma, Allahabad University
  • R. S. Pandey, Allahabad University
  • P.K. Seth, CEO, Biotech Park, Lucknow
  • Vijay Kumar, Gulbaga University
  • D. V. Muley, Kolhapur University Dr.  A.K. Singh, Bhimtal
  • D. Kar Chaudhary,  IITR Lucknow
  • V.P. Sharma, IITR Lucknow
  • D. Sharma, DCFR bhimtal
  • Prem Kumar, DCFR Bhimtal
  • Vibhuti Rai, Lucknow University
  • R.P. Singh, BBAU Lucknow
  • D.B. Singh, BBAU Lucknow
  • P.N. Saxena, BRAU Agra University
  • P.K. Singh, BRAU Agra University